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I once was a stay at homeMom on a farm...

Pixie’s Potions was born out of my desire to provide all-natural, healthy alternatives to every day personal care products that my family and I use daily.


In 2015, I started cultivating potions by playing with homemade recipes for every day products. I had several family members who were sensitive to fragrances and had sensitive skin-- including my own newborn!


As a new mother, I was taking time to research ingredients in everyday household products as I had never done before and became alarmed by the amount of chemicals and toxins that are present-- even kid friendly products!


I learned that 60% of what we put on our skin ends up in our bloodstream-scary when you really think about it!! Now I knew I needed to make my own personal care products. Quality products without fillers, preservatives, coal & petroleum additives (like “fragrance”). There is a plethora of toxins and chemicals that have been found to have a variety of negative health impacts on our body over years of use.


Having always been interested in health, herbs and natural remedies--and armed with all of this incredible new research, I began to create up a storm.

I continued researching ingredients- their positives and negatives, weighing the usefulness of each item and testing if it was a benefit to my new recipies. These DIY recipes began to make the rounds--to try on myself and my family-with some success and some fantastic disasters!! After several modifications to recipes, and always more testing on/by my wonderful friends and family, I developed a set of reliable products that my family and friends LOVED!


With so many product requests, and so much support and encouragement from my people, I decided to take the leap and share my products with the world!


All of the products I offer are hand made in small batches to ensure quality meets my “extra crunchy granola hippie” standards-if I wouldn’t use it on my now 6 year old, or my 85 year old grandparents, I certainly won’t send it to you! My goal is to provide high quality products that people are happy to use, and easy on your wallet.




If there are variations you are interested in, or if you have allergies and need products adjusted for your allergy, please let me know! If there’s a way to do it, I’m certainly interested in trying it-odds are, you aren't the only one that has that allergy or wants that version! Feed your health and well-being with healthy, well made products, made with love!

Thanks for being part of the family,


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