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Natural First Aid
  • Natural First Aid


    Time to switch out the first aid kit for a natural alternative!! Deet free bug spray, irritation soother for bug bites/stinging nettle rashes and more, wound ointment and XS magic potion for those aches and sore muscles-all made with natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives, fragrances or smoothers! Contains one of each product in a convenient travel size, (0.3oz bug spray, 0.3oz soother, 0.5oz xs potion and 0.1oz wound ointment) or full size (2oz bug spray, 2oz irritation soother, 4oz xs magic potion and 0.5oz wound ointment). XL 8oz xs magic potion or 1oz wound ointment sold separately.

    Wound Ointment- Originally developed to treat cuts and scrapes for my young son, my family and friends have used it for bug bites, cuts, scrapes, and minor burns for years.

    Coconut oil infused with calendula, yarrow, plantain and echinacea (for their astringent, skin healing properties and to help stop bleeding)

    ** for major burns, large, deep, or jagged cuts or wounds or anything you think might be infected or have foreign material lodged in it, please see your pediatrician or doctor

    Irritation Soother- Multipurpose witch hazel-based soother relieves itch from bug bites and rashes/stinging nettles, dries out cold sore blisters, cleans minor scratches and scrapes in a pinch, and dries up stubborn acne spots. Stainless steel roll-on gets the soother where it needs to go easily, large 2oz spray for larger families.

    Extra Strength Magic Potion- Extra strength pain relief from bruises, sore muscles, aches, and pains! Shea butter and grapeseed oil infused with arnica, comfrey and calendula for relief from sprains, strains, bruises, broken bones and arthritis pain, combines with high grade CBD oil (THC free) and a special blend of essential oils designed to increase circulation, decrease inflammation, reduce pain, and assist the body in its’ own natural healing processes. Not for use on broken skin.

    Approx.~ 31.25mg CBD in 0.5oz, 250mg per 4oz jar, 500mg per 8oz jar

    Cautions: softens easily, store in cool place. External use only, keep away from eyes

    Bug Spray- Tired of pesky bitey bugs but hate smelly, toxin-loaded bug spray? Try our witch hazel and essential oil-based bug spray- DEET free!  0.3oz stainless steel roll on or 2oz spray

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