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Outdoor Combo
  • Outdoor Combo


    Upgrade your lake or river camping kit with all-natural, mineral sunscreen, DEET free bug spray (that works!!), natural after sun care (with no drying alcohol) and moisturizing lip balm with SPF!! Hike, play at the river, camp or spend the day at the lake, and take Pixie's Potions with you!! Get your summer on, naturally! Contains one each in a convenient travel size (0.5oz each sunscreen and after sun care, 0.3oz bug spray roll on and lip balm tube) or full size (4oz each sunscreen and after sun care, 2oz bug spray, lip balm tube)

    Bug Spray- Tired of pesky bitey bugs but hate smelly, toxin-loaded bug spray? Try our witch hazel and essential oil-based bug spray- DEET free!

    After Sun- Have dry, chapped, sun or windburned skin? Soothe sunburned and windburned skin with after sun lotion, made with aloe for burn soothing and kokum butter and avocado oil for their nutrient rich healing and regenerating properties.

    Lip Balm- Luxurious lip balm for dry, chapped lips. Made with Mango, or Cocoa butter (your choice!), Rice bran oil, Carnauba wax, Raspberry seed oil, Carrot seed oil, benzoin resin and orange essential oil. Mango and cocoa butter and rice bran oil are moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and promote healing. Raspberry and Carrot seed oils have been found to tone the skin, kill bacteria, and aid in healing, and have natural SPF qualities

    Sunscreen- Made from a special blend of non-pore clogging butters and oils containing natural SPF factors between 9-50, and uncoated, non-nano zinc oxide to provide a physical, natural barrier against harmful UVA and UVB rays. SPF rating is based solely on the amount of zinc oxide and may be higher than listed. Product goes on white and may leave a light residue-this is normal and a result of the zinc oxide. Perfect for sensitive skin, reef safe.

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