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Super Skin Care Combo
  • Super Skin Care Combo


    Struggling with eczema or other skin disruptions, but tired of steroid filled creams? Get ready for something new with all natural skin and body care products from Pixie's Potions!! Made with raw, unrefined, organic ingredients, and infused with healing herbs, you can upgrade your skin repair routine! Eczema cream, scalp serum and wound ointment is a great set to start with!! One of each product in two size otions-travel size (0.1oz wound ointment, 0.5oz products scalp and eczema) or full size (1oz wound ointment, 2oz scalp, 4oz eczema)- vegan options available

    Eczema Cream

    Specially designed for eczema and psoriasis skin outbreaks. A base blend of cocoa butter, shea butter and avocado oil is gently heat infused with licorice root, chickweed and calendula for skin healing properties, added to that base are jojoba oil, borage seed oil, carrot seed oil, evening primrose oil, aloe gel, beeswax, wheat germ oil, benzoin resin, pure CBD oil(THC free), bergamot EO, rosemary EO and lavender EO- all to help heal wounds, and relieve pain and itching.

    Have a dry, itchy scalp? Scalp serum is formulated for dry, flaky scalp and contains soothing and moisturizing oils designed to encourage hair growth and keep scalp and hair nourished and healthy.

    Originally developed to treat cuts and scrapes for my young son, my family and friends have used it for bug bites, cuts, scrapes, and minor burns for years.

    Coconut oil infused with calendula, yarrow, plantain and echinacea (for their astringent, skin healing properties and to help stop bleeding)

    ** for major burns, large, deep, or jagged cuts or wounds or anything you think might be infected or have foreign material lodged in it, please see your pediatrician or doctor


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