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Wound Ointment
  • Wound Ointment


    Great for cuts, scraps or burns

    Coconut oil infused with calendula, yarrow, plantain and echinacea (for their astringent, skin healing properties and to help stop bleeding) then blended with tamanu oil (NEW!), raw honey, beeswax, benzoin resin, myrrh essential oil, rosemary EO, tea tree EO and lanvender EO-all containing skin healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

    Originally developed to treat cuts and scrapes for my young son, my family and friends have used it for bug bites, cuts, scrapes, and minor burns for years. Always clean wounds thoroughly before applying, safe for pets too!

    ** for major burns, large, deep or jagged cuts or wounds or anything you think might be infected or have foreign material lodged in it, please see your pediatrician or doctor!

    ***Not intended to diagnose or treat any ailment or disease.***

    *kosher, BPA free packaging-please recycle or reuse!

    **crystals not included

    • Caution:

      Always clean wounds gently with soap and water to remove foreign material before applying any ointment or creams.

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