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Potion Upgrade 

New Formulas Now Available!
Vegan, Gluten free, Low Allergens

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*1 jar of bath salts (4oz) while supplies last

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Lovingly handmade in Tacoma, WA

Are you looking for Small batches of unrefined natural potions created with love? 

In the shop you will find aluminum free deodorant, fluoride free toothpowder, as well as  fragrance free, and sensitive skin options for products currently in stock.

For years I have been crafting my own products. As the story goes, I began brewing potions for myself and the need grew to include my family and friends. 


Different scenarios cropped up, and I saw the opportunity to brew specialty potions for   new friends! So here I am now, offering these amazing concoctions and potions to you, dear reader.

Have an allergy? Do you have a fragrance you love and have never been able to find commercially? I am happy to create a specialty potion, just contact me and we can get started!

Pixies Potions contain raw, unrefined, organic ingredients with eco friendly packaging and BPA free plastic* 

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Please remember to recycle! 

*Unrefined, organic ingredients used whenever possible. Products are vegan and kosher.

Contact Pixie  |  Tel: 253-569-7628

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